Know When To Use Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

know when to stop smokingFor many of us under the pressure of daily stress, we tend to pick up bad habits.  For some of us, we eat and gain weight, for others, we go watch a movie, yet for some, they tend to smoke a cigarette.  Smoking is bad for the lungs.  It also stains walls in your home and if enough tar builds up, you might want to clean the air a bit by getting your air ducts cleaned.  Everyone knows that.  Yet, we still smoke.  Why?  Smoking tends to dull our senses, relaxes us with the nicotine high and keeps us relaxed.  Might as well zap ourselves with a laser handgun if you want to feel that way right?

There are however other drugs that can do this for you without harm.  Take melatonin for example.  It’s a natural herb that  makes you sleepy.  Take one of those the next time you’re stressed out after hours and just hit the sack early.

Drinking is also a popular way to relax.  Sure, break open that bottle of Kelt Cognac and pour yourself a relaxing glass of smooth VSOP.  Alcohol also relaxes you.  It gives you a high as well and sometimes, it burns going down.

Learn How To Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

Habits are habits, smoking, probably one of the worst since its a gateway to other illnesses.  People find smoking very difficult to quit.  Some go to rehab, some people will try a tobacco patch to help them ease of the cigarettes and yet others try a process through the use of hypnosis to stop smoking.  Suprisingly, hypnosis is so powerful that its even being used in major hospitals for the treatment of cancer. Speaking of smoking, I came across this amazing handheld non lethal taser gun when I was visiting San Antonio.  It was disguised as a small harmless cigarette lighter.  I was thinking, it would be great as a gift, such that everytime someone tried to light their cigarette, this lighter would zap them with electric current!  I’d imagine, that would break the habit of smoking quickly!

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