How Hypnosis Can Help You

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Hypnosis, Integration, Think, FutureTrained hypnotists practice hypnosis therapy to address a wide range of conditions, including smoking cessation, weight loss and stress management. Research shows that people with, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), irritable bowel syndrome, and other stress related conditions respond well to hypnosis.

A hypnosis therapy session is usually led by a trained hypnotist. The hypnotist, with your help guides you into a condition similar to that of meditation or daydreaming. In the state of hypnosis you experience a heightened condition of calm and concentration, and your mind becomes intensely focused. In the hypnotic state, external distractions and sounds seemto fade into the background, and you become more receptive and open to suggestion.

With the help of the hypnotist, you are able access powerful internal resources to enable yourself to achieve goals like smoking cessation, weight loss and stress management. In the state you are able to form strong mental images and visualize your success.

After repeated sessions with a trained hypnotist, you will eventually learn to practice self-hypnosis.

Does Hypnosis Work for Anxiety?

Hypnosis can help you learn to be achieve a relaxed state. You can use it to relieve anxiety. An effective hypnotic state results in several physical changes. You breathe more slowly. Your heart rate decreases. Your muscles relax. You speak in a calm and relaxed voice. Once you learn how to achieve this state of relaxation on your own, you can use it as a form of self-relaxation to ease anxiety and stress.
Research shows that hypnosis therapy for anxiety can bring about changes in your brain. You become less self-conscious. You increase your focus. You have better emotional and physical harmony. These changes result in a calm and relaxed disposition that reduces anxiety.

Does Hypnosis Work for Weight Loss?

Studies show that hypnosis can be used as an effective aid to help you lose weight.

People with weight loss problems usually struggle with certain types of food like sweets, junk food, or salty and fatty food. Other individuals say that they usually binge when they are bored or stressed out.

Hypnosis therapy for weight loss helps to recalibrate eating habits and patterns so that you find it easier to eat sensibly and lose weight.

Hypnotherapy Benefits

When you are in the hypnotic state, you are more open to affirmation, dialogue, and suggestion. This state of mind increases your chances of addressing

Post-traumatic Stress
Conversational Hypnosis
Classical Hypnosis

Hypnosis may just be what you need to change your life for the better. Explore this possibility with Hypnosis Houston.